Top 4 things to consider before you hire a professional window cleaner

When the time arrives to clean your windows, do you pin-on your DIY Weekend Warrior badge or hire a professional window cleaner? Here are the top 4 things to consider before you hire a professional window cleaner: 4. Quality Did you know that certain cleaning products, such as those that contain ammonia, can actually damage your windows? Professional window cleaners are experts in which tools and cleaning agents to use on all window types—avoiding risk to the glass, window frames, the house exterior, people, animals, and the environment. Many of today's professional window cleaners use homemade, natural, or organic products. Professional cleaners also spend extra time and care on custom wind

6 Easy Window Decorating Ideas That Instantly Beautify Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary from the frenzied world outside. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or in your parents' finished basement, any space in which you settle your head (and mind) every night is your home. We place pictures of our families and dogs on our desks at work. We take care to select which shirt and shoes we wear for dinner with friends. These personal touches show the world who we are, and they have the power to rejuvenate our sense of self-esteem. Our home decor also influences our mood and how we approach each day, each year, and our life. Many studies support how pleasing images increase health and positivity. Even the simple task of making your bed every morning p

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