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3 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Dry in Bad Weather

We New Englanders know just how swift bad weather can strike without notice, leaving us scrambling for shelter under a newspaper or swiping snow from car windows using our coat sleeve. And we all know that awkward tween time from February through May: dark days when the last of the winter snow melts and mixes with unknown street grime—followed by 75º Spring days that tease out the tulips and weed grass—followed by 50º gloomy, wet days that give us that chill we just can't shake. Do we turn on the AC or reach for the spare heater and hot chocolate? One thing certain to warm you during these temperamental days is a clean, dry home. Follow these 3 tips to keep your home clean and dry in bad weather:

Use indoor and outdoor mats

During bad weather, we track mud, grit, leaves, and moisture into our homes. This debris scratches and warps hard floors, stains carpets, and spreads mold and other germs throughout the home.

The easiest way to limit bad weather debris in your home is to use doormats. Place a durable, bristled mat outside the main door and a lighter, washable rug on the inside. For especially muddy conditions, or if you live in a more wooded area, consider purchasing a floor-mounted, bristled shoe cleaner such as this one found on Amazon.

Use your mudroom or create one

Designate one entrance to your home, preferably to a mudroom or garage. If you don't have a mudroom, you can easily create a makeshift space. Ideally, the space will be located closest to the laundry room to dump wet clothes.

Add these items to get the most out of your mudroom space and keep outdoor debris contained:

  • a rubber, grooved shoe tray with a lip

  • folded spare towels or rags in a wicker basket

  • wall hooks or a rack for coats and bags

  • for umbrellas, use a decorative planter with a saucer so water will evaporate

  • a narrow wicker hamper for wet clothes

  • a mini storage ottoman that doubles as a seat and storage for dry slippers and loungewear

Keep a cordless vacuum nearby

For being so compact, today's cordless vacuums pack a punch, AND they fit in corners and under tight spaces. Many of today's cordless vacuums have sleek designs and wall-mount charging stations, like this one from Dyson. Keep the cordless vacuum charged and in your mud room.

April showers don't always have to bring messes! When all else fails, the best way to keep your home clean and dry is to stay cuddled-up next to the fireplace with a fuzzy blanket and a hot drink. Stay warm and dry, from our family to yours.


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