3 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Dry in Bad Weather

We New Englanders know just how swift bad weather can strike without notice, leaving us scrambling for shelter under a newspaper or swiping snow from car windows using our coat sleeve. And we all know that awkward tween time from February through May: dark days when the last of the winter snow melts and mixes with unknown street grime—followed by 75º Spring days that tease out the tulips and weed grass—followed by 50º gloomy, wet days that give us that chill we just can't shake. Do we turn on the AC or reach for the spare heater and hot chocolate? One thing certain to warm you during these temperamental days is a clean, dry home. Follow these 3 tips to keep your home clean and dry in bad w

10 Ways to Relieve Spring Allergies

Connecticut has certainly seen its fair share of temperamental weather this year, with record-high temperatures in February reaching 70° and predictions for Easter Sunday boasting 80°. When these higher temperatures meet April showers, plants and trees experience rapid growth. The result is all of the dormant Winter mold and fresh plant pollen releasing into the air. In these high-mold, high-pollen conditions, even the most allergy-resistant of us may suffer. Consult an Allergist who can test you to determine what allergens most bother you and when you should take precautions. For example, some people with Spring allergies are not allergic to pollen. Instead, they are allergic to mold which

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