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6 Easy Window Decorating Ideas That Instantly Beautify Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary from the frenzied world outside. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or in your parents' finished basement, any space in which you settle your head (and mind) every night is your home.

We place pictures of our families and dogs on our desks at work. We take care to select which shirt and shoes we wear for dinner with friends. These personal touches show the world who we are, and they have the power to rejuvenate our sense of self-esteem.

Our home decor also influences our mood and how we approach each day, each year, and our life. Many studies support how pleasing images increase health and positivity. Even the simple task of making your bed every morning promotes a positive, take-charge attitude for the entire day.

A home's windows have the same visual impact and greatly improve your overall feeling of wellness and happiness. Here are 6 easy window decorating ideas that instantly beautify your home:

1. Place a cabinet or table next to a window

Place a refinished cabinet next to a window, and decorate it with simple touches that pull in the colors from outside. Display a lush, green leaf in a bud vase next to a soft blue picture frame. Then, hang an original painting on the wall about a foot above the cabinet. For added softness, position a small, antique lamp in the corner of the cabinet closest to the window. Add a yellow bulb for a soft glow inside and an inviting, enchanting appeal from the outside.

2. Display small plants along window ledges

Line a window ledge with small plants, flowers, and succulents. Plants pick up the green colors from outside, filling your space with a sense of energy and vitality. Bonus—the more plants you have in your home, the better your health, wellness, and state of mind. House plants are proven to alleviate allergies and remove toxins such as mold and mildew from the air.

3. Bring outside decorative touches inside

Shutters and corbels are not reserved for your home's exterior. These ornamental touches add personality and charm to your home's interior as well. In fact, many homes in the South display decorative plantation shutters throughout their homes to keep the home cool and give rooms a debonair feel. Select a dark color to contrast light walls and create a charming focal point in the room.

4. Swap plain metal or wood rods for stylish drapery finials

The simplest way to dress up your space is to swap basic metal or wood curtain rods with decorative finials. The Finial Company has an array of custom finials, from aged gold to contemporary espresso-toned iron. To add personality to a room, select finials that are miniature models. Pale blue birds are the perfect accent pieces in a sunroom, and miniature baseballs bring the fun of the ballpark to a child's room.

5. Add a decorative accent over a focal window or door

The most under-used wall space is the tiny area above windows, doors, and archways. Accent these spaces with a wood carving or a painting, especially if you prefer a minimalist look for your windows and do not hang drapes. If you have wide molding, tack a plant vine to it and drape it over the sides a couple of inches.

6. Keep your windows clean, inside and out

It pays to have the interior and exterior windows cleaned, in your home or business. Clean windows make guests feel welcome in your home and invite customers into your business. In many cultures, windows are metaphorical for eyes. Those who practice Feng Shui believe that dirty windows cloud judgment and are an omen of financial decline. Likewise, clean windows awaken the creative spirit and invite in opportunity.

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